Who Are We?

The Wilderness Live is a subsect of the Karigari Group. The Wilderness Live majorly focuses on content creation in the niche of wilderness preservation and travel. We aim at being a one stop solution to all your media and branding needs related to the environmental and travel related industry. We are a team of young undergraduates of Manipal Institute of Communication. 

We are a team of passionate content creators and are extremely dedicated to our art.

What We Do?

We mentioned that we are content creators, so what domains does that include: 

We work with content creation and writing, which means Article writing, blogs on environment and travel, research on various aspects, both positive and negative of travel and environment, scripts and screenplays for youtube videos and ads. 

We work with graphics for instance website creation, website graphics like banners and ads, social media promotion posts, social media posts, printables( menus, magazines, fliers, brochures etc.)

We work with audio visuals, which includes ideations, productions and post productions (editing, after effects etc.) for youtube. 

We love branding, that includes logos, company portfolios, brand portfolios, branding, brand plans and visibility etc.

Why choose us?

This is a major question a lot of people have when dealing with projects. You have the right to be treated amazingly  and your project should always be a priority. Years and months of thought and ideations go into starting something new. We bring to you a pocket friendly option where your project is treated as a priority. 

We may be comparatively be younger than the others in our competition, however, we want to change how people look at the world around them. TWL believes that the world is so much more than just people and topography. There is so much we havent explored, so many places we don't know and the effort to really save it is one step at a time. Our dedication and love for what we do is evident in our products and designs we create. 

In addition to that, all our work is 100% plagiarism free and copyright free. We come up with our own designs and creations that are perfectly tailored to your expectations and needs. We pride ourselves on Customer Satisfaction and love the smiles on our clients' faces when we deliver work that is far beyond expectations. We spend a lot of time trying to understand exactly what the client needs, which makes us efficient and a time saving option for new businesses.

Team You Can Trust

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Rose Saksena

Head of TWL/ Head of Content