The story of

The Wilderness Live

The story of The Wilderness Live isn't all amazing and blow your top away kind of story. 

Instead of getting into the life stories of the co-founders, let's take you through how The Wilderness Live was built. Intially, it was nothing more than a blog on wordpress, one idea led to another which lead to yet another, and soon it became what you see today. 

Both the co-founders decided that this innovation would become the core strenght of the agency. And it would be backed with their mutual love of story telling. Although, their styles of it may humongously differ from each other, it's this distinction that seperates their stories from others. 

Rose or Aditi, which ever name you know her by writes from her creative side. She has always been amazing at writing stories. Her family would often go on road journeys to different parts of India, exploring culture and wildlife, because of which she grew fond of it. 

While Aashtosh was born in Madhya Pradesh, he never left his quaint little town, but when the time finally came he travelled to Manipal, where he met Rose. He was always facinated with food, cooking techniques and learning new recipes. His internship with Wildlife Trust of India helped in unearthing his love for animals. His writings are often observational and writes about the raw truth of what he sees.

Though, very distinct from each other, Aashutosh and Rose started 'The Wilderness Live' hoping that they could inculcate the same love and respect they have for animals, food, culture and travelling could be shown to the world around them before it was all gone. They believe 'The Wilderness Live' is only one small baby step in their mission. So let's sit tight and watch with the rest of the world as this story unravels. 

This logo was the first ever production work for 'The Wilderness Live'. It was made by a very talented artist- Sparsh Chaudary. It is one of his most beautiful pieces, but he can never stop wowing people. He is actively making designs and they are some of the most creative peices ever. You can see all his other works here. 




These are the two Co-founders of 'The Wilderness Live'. 

To the left is Rose Saksena and to the right is Aashutosh Ingle


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