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About us

Hey everyone! We are Team TWL! And we welcome you to our world of sustainability, eco-friendly behaviors, and storytime. 

The Wilderness Live is run by recent graduates who want to ensure that their as well as those after them, have a green future, have a future where people are well informed of what different species of animals look like. 

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Our founders Aditi Rose Saksena and Aashutosh Ingle started The Wilderness Live in August 2020 with the hopes that they could change what people think the moment they hear the word “Conservation.” Whether it is “Our planet is beautiful, and it’s time we save it” or “Our ancestors damaged it, why should we bother.”
While both reactions are valid, but, what is not right is wasting the one resource that would bring about change. Our Voices.

The Wilderness Live is part of the first generation of Indian podcasters. While we are highly popular in the UK and India, when you like our shows, subscribe, and share them, you help us reach more and more people. And that is all we want. Our Voices To Be Heard.

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