1. Logos. Logos are the star of your website. Before anyone sees your work they see your logo and that makes it the most important part of branding. We expertise in food related logos and make your visions come to life. 


2. Websites. A website attracts your target audience and helps you keep them glued. A visually appealing, easy to use website makes you more visible and attracts more clients as they don’t have to navigate a complicated website. We help you achieve just that.


3. Brand guidelines.  We specialise in making your mission and vision statements, Style guides, Typography, colour palettes, and looks(logos, websites, printables, packages, event banners and flyers.) We also do your brand analysis, competition analysis, market research and market positioning.


4. Other services include business cards, product packaging and event flyers. We assess your business and your unique needs, and we provide additional branding assets accordingly.

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