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Each season of The Wilderness Live is created by a different writer, with a whole new perspective to bring to the ordinary. All the writers at Khakhed and TWL look forward to the day when the trend is not consumerism, not convenience but inspired by the immense love we have for our planet, for our motherland is an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. 
When ridiculous myths about our animals have no space in the hearts of the brave and when life can be grasped from its roots and becomes more and more interesting every passing day. With that hope, we make these episodes, and we hope that you can hear this hope in our voices. If you do, don't forget to share it because our mission is incomplete without you.

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Our Listener Says



Really interesting facts on animals! Intriguing and interesting! Great content! Not too long and easy to listen to. Looking forward to more! Such a cool new episode on the mummy in Alexandria and raises a lot of deep thought questions! Like why weren’t mummy’s in Italy! A deep dive into mystery! It’s a must add!




I'm so glad I stumbled upon this podcast! What great and intriguing storytelling and cases. All told in short episodes. Well done!! I can't wait to see what's next!!


Laura McD

Ivy League Murders



For Animal Lovers

If you love aniamals, you'll love this show!

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