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Horrify wildlife cruelty acts in June 2020

In the past few hours, a disturbing discovery about a pregnant elephant mother not only losing her child but also losing her life at the hands of an unfortunate event was made. The mother still hasn’t received justice but the research for this article lead me to some more similar incidents that have been reported this year.

According to Advocacy for Animals, every year 35,000 to 50,000 elephants are poached worldwide. They have also enlisted some other statistics for wildlife such as

  • 225 exotic animals get confiscated by Born Free USA since 2013 alone.

  • Killing of 100,000 native carnivores by federal and government agents on public and private property each year.

  • An approximation of 10,000 bears has been made who are captivated in barbaric Asian bear farms in China, Korea, and Vietnam, caged and “milked” cruelly for their bile to sell for traditional Chinese medical markets.

The internet has thousands of reported animal cruelty acts that has been covered by bigger publications like The Times of India, Hindustan Times and the Likes. The DNA publications have reported cases ranging from Selfies with sea gulls to monkey being tied to the front of the car in a city like Mumbai to dogs being hammered to death, shot, slapped, raped, and even poison to be sold to tourists to monster lizards being butchered in cold blood for their alleged medical qualities .

These are reports in the past three years that have shaken the internet. 2020 isn't far behind. Here are a few cases you would want to pay attention to:

1. The pregnant Mother

The expecting mother who died after 22 days of suffering and starvation.

After reading these horrific acts committed by humans, I can’t call her an animal. Hence, I will refer to her as a mother.

In Indian Mythology elephants have always had great respect. However, in India, in the state that is considered “the god’s own country” a mother elephant met with a dreadful end with no fault of hers. She was offered a fruit filled with crackers. These crackers went off in her mouth, leaving her jaw broken to sooth herself from the pain that was inflicted upon her for trusting, she rushed to the nearest river and submerged her mouth and trunk. Even in this alarmed state she was careful of not hurting the people around her. Alas! Before the forest officials could help her with the aid of two jumbo elephants. It was too late. We had lost an expecting mother in the most brutal way possible. This incident took place in May and was found by the officials only 2 days before the mother died of starvation. Her death is recorded on May 27 and it is estimated

that incident would have taken place approximately 20 days before that. In her last days when the officials tried to give her medicines, she backed off deeper into the water, maybe she now had no trust in humanity.

The incident came to light when the forest officer Mohan Krishnan shared the details on Facebook sometime back.

2. Kollam District, Elephant Cruelty

The death of the pregnant elephant mother was not the only incident that took place in the Kerala in the past month. Another young female elephant met a similar fate.

She was found by the officials alienated by her herd and suffered a dislocated jaw and unable to eat. She was joined to her herd but later was found again alienated by the herd. She was later treated but eventually succumbed to the injuries. She is still not confirmed to have died of cracker explosion. However, she had similar jaw injury as the mother elephant. This elephant was found in Kollam District of Kerala in the month of April. Not much is known about this case. The forest officials have stated that it is a common practice by the farmers to keep such fruits to protect their fields from elephants. It is still unclear if this was an active attemot to hurt her or was accidental. However, due to the severity and agony these acts led to for the elephants, the officials are determined to find whoever were responsible for both the deaths and book them under hunting of elephants to serve Justice to both these elephants.

3. Unfortunate return of Gangetic Dolphins

The Gangetic Dolphins or South Asian River Dolphins are a rare species of Dolphins who returned home to Kolkata due to the reduced pollution. However, they were greeted by poachers and sociopaths.

In the video that went viral a few months back, two men were seen torturing a young dolphin by pulling him by his beak and taking pictures with it. By the time they let the dolphin go, he was bloodied and even though was released back in the water, he would have succumbed to his injuries. Environmentalist Biswajit Roychowdhuryguesses this to have happened somewhere between Kolkata and Burdwan along the banks of River Hoogly. According to Mr. Roychawdhury, the skins on these mammals are very sensitive and there would have been no way for the baby to stay alive also he estimated the age of the young dolphin to not be above a few weeks.  The investigation is still going on and has gathered no leads. This incident took place in the month of May.

Another Environmentalist, Joydeep Kundu has pointed out that there may be an increase in Man-Animal conflicts after the lockdown is over. Many rare animals and birds have now started coming out of hiding due to decreased human activities in some areas. A few weeks ago Burdwan was paid a visit by smooth-skinned otters, although it is an overwhelming sight it has also raised concerns for the wildlife preservation after the lockdown.

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