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Updated: Nov 17

On the last day of Animal shelter and Rescue operations Appreciation week, I thought it would be fun to do an interview with a person who knows this field for a long time. He started off with sparrow conservation in 2010 and since then hasn't turned around. Presenting to you an amazing, passionate, and loving duo that live in Ayodhya and are fighting not for the temple to be built there but saving the lives of many migratory birds and local birds alike- Mr. Ajad Singh and Mrs. Veena Singh.

Mr. Ajad Singh and Mrs. Veena Singh

Mr. Singh has an Msc. in Zoology from the University of Lucknow. Sure enough, every magical and mythical force in nature called him closer each day and today he runs Ajad Singh's Veterinary Care with his wife Mrs. Veena Singh. He has participated in various conservation workshops such as Snake rescue in Bhubneshwar, Bird Conservation workshop in Nainital, Sundarbans, etc. He also happens to write multiple articles for an Online Magazine called Maghaa under the section of Awadhi Chiraiyaan.

Indian Myra by Ajad Singh

To date, about 95 of his articles have been published, he also has made space for his name in the top 25 Wild Bird photographers of National Geographic Society.

1. What is it that Ajad Singh's Veterinary care do?

I work for wildlife as day by day wild animals decline due to various factors that are tangible like poaching or hunting and others that are intangible like pollution or deforestation, and someone needs to stand up for them and look after them.

2. Why did you start veterinary care especially for wildlife?

Because very few people are working to save wildlife. In this field, you have to take risks one after another so many times to save them.

All wild animals are very important in our ecosystem to maintain the correct balance. And we have to save them otherwise the chain is only as strong as it's the weakest link and one day soon enough the chain will break and ultimately sufferer will be humankind.

3. What are your views about sanctuary vs zoo?

I think wild animals should be in their natural habitat only that is the only way to save our environment. They should not be in a Zoo. Only man-eaters or seriously ill animals should be in the zoo. Nature can be a strong force and We should not interfere with its course.

4. A lot of conservationists justify a zoo as a place where the animal can recover before he or she is left out in the wild, is that what you believe as well?

Agreed, but the zoo can be modified as a veterinary care center instead of showing these animals to the public. However, the downside to that happening is the animals become dependent on humans for their own survival and cannot be released in their wild after Zoo.

5. In all the cases you have dealt with, which has been the most interesting case you came across?

Pelican Rescue case is really a once in a lifetime case. During my birding At SSBS Agra, I saw one pelican was standing alone on the bank of the lake. I click the photo and check it. I found that a big size fish was stuck in its neck and it seemed to be in a great deal of pain.

I immediately call the forest officers, we somehow caught the bird soon and it left us surprised to see that how can the poor bird was able to survive in such a painful situation. The fish's thorny fins tore the entire esophagus of the bird.

We knew we had to run to a vet hospital where emergency surgery was performed over a period of 2 hours.

After treatment and care, this lovely pelican was released back into the habitat.

6. In cases you have dealt with, which case broke your heart?

Sarus Crane that I had rescued. He was already in a very critical condition due to a deep and infected wound. No matter how hard we tried, we eventually lost him and he succumbed to its wounds.

7. As a zoologist, as a conservationist, and definitely an animal lover what is your favorite pass time??

I am going to say without a doubt seeing these animals in their natural habitat. It is amazing how calm and beautiful they look and act when they aren't trying to survive in the presence of a human.

8. What do you love about your job?

Always searching for new bird species.

For a good photo of the Indian paradise flycatcher family I was searching since 2017 and this summer it was fulfilled by nature as I found 9 nests for the first time. Eventually, I saw them break open their shell and face the world, growing up and eventually leaving the next. All the chicks flew away except the chicks from one of the nests which were destroyed by a crow. My study was successful.

9. Are there any special bits about your job that is absolutely rewarding after a hard day's work?

Whenever I get any new bird or any excellent photo that is my reward. To date, 14+ pictures were published in NGC and online Wild bird trust among the world's top 25 wild birds.

10. Is there something you would like the readers to know on this animal shelter and rescue operation appreciation day?

For wildlife rescue, one doesn't need a personal center as per the Wildlife Prevention Act 1972. However, the public should not handle wildlife on their own. Your first response in any instance involving wildlife has to be informing the forest department and they will take care . After my involvement In these activities, the environment department wing WCCB (wildlife crime controle beauro) has appointed me as their volunteer for the last 3years.

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