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Dolphins feel lonely due to decreased human interaction during the pandemic.

Humans are the not the only ones going through the downside of the pandemic lockdowns world-wide. Various stories and instances have poured in, across the world that point at the animals missing their daily human interactions due to the pandemic lockdown.

Dolphins are considered to be one of the most human friendly aquatic mammals. They are smart, easily trainable and great companions at the sea. However, with the governments putting a world-wide lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus, these adorable aquatic animals are now suffering from loneliness.

According to a report by a pod of humpback dolphins at Tin Can Bay, Queensland, Australia are showering their feeders with treasures of the sea in exchange for feeding them. These gifts include Sea sponges, Barnacle encrusted bottles and Corals.

It is almost like they are trying to convince humans that there is a hidden treasure that they own. This behaviour has been displayed by them before but has increased since the venue’s closing due to the lockdown. Experts have pointed out that it is possible that the dolphins are doing this not because they miss humans but because they might be bored due to the pandemic lockdown.

Another incident came in from Ireland of a common bottlenose dolphin called Fungie. Fungie is one of those dolphins who is really found of humans, but due to the lockdown is now depressed and lonely. She has been the centre of human attention since the summers of  1983, when she was first spotted. However, she has a very kind fisherman Jimmy Flannery keeping her company in this period of hardship. Flannery heads out of Dingle harbour in Ireland twice a day to make sure Fungie, the dolphin doesn’t feel lonely anymore.

These are just some of the well-known stories. However, mother Nature is healing herself as most of the world is under self-quarantine. The skies are bluer, seas are cleaner, air is more breathable and the forests are greener.

Due to decreased human activities, animals that had gone far away have now started coming back, have now started rehabilitating near human settlements, making beautiful blue planet look even more beautiful.

Soon enough, the humans will be out of self-quarantine and they will return to their normal lives. However, there are cases of dolphins like Ariel who are quarantined now for more than 20 years. In other words, have been held captive for a very long time and would never see how the ocean outside their concrete tanks is.

Maybe, one day humans will stop captivating life like they are mere pieces of entertainment puzzle and enjoy it more in the open sea, where the animals have their own will to show up and entertain and are not trained to entertain.

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