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Instagram-able fests of Mumbai

Mumbai is called the 'City of dreams' and the 'City of light'. Well, we love to celebrate festivals in style too! Mumbai s one of the many cities in India that has a heart for all sorts of fests, the fests here range from festivals that cause even more traffic on the road, thanks their full scale blow out to indigenous college fests. Mumbai is a huge community that lives in harmony with its huge diversity. Keeping that in mind, I tried to come up with some of the fests that would definitely increase the aesthetics of your Instagram and is one of the best ones to roam around in.

Kala Godha Festival-

If you are a Mumbaikar or are in Mumbai in the first week of February you might want to stay back for a bit longer. Kala Godha festival happens through the second week of February. Starting on, the first Saturday and ending on the second Sunday, Kala Godha is a fest of arts. Kala Godha celebrates the spirit of artists around the country.

Started in 1999, the festival attracts a large number of people from all around the country. The Kala Godha festival gets its name from the black horse that is situated in the middle of the Kala Ghoda Precinct of Mumbai. With amazing art colleges like J.J.School of Arts, the Kala Godha District takes pride in being called the Art Precinct of Mumbai and continues to further the unique cause via the Kala Godha Art festival.

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Well, I will agree nothing beats the Holi celebrations of Rajasthan, however, Mumbai has its own little secret. Here, everyone plays alike. Everyone is covered in the same colors, eat the same 'bhajia' and drink the same 'thandai'. When it comes to traditions, Mumbai is slightly more unorthodox and as I mentioned before loves to party.

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If during the Holi season you are in Mumbai you might want to check out events like 'Colours by the bay' taking place at Marine Drive and the likes. Moreover, the parties here don't end till you drop, so make sure to visit Mumbai during Holi because celebrating it like a true Mumbaikar is a bliss.

If you are staying at a resort while you are here, make sure that the resort has a tie-up with 99hackers as they come up with the most amazing resort Holi parties you will ever experience. If you are here with friends and definitely want to do something different and exotic you can check out Rang Mohalla and Imagica's Holi bash!


Ramadan celebrated in April is one the fest each foodie of Mumbai looks forward to! During the Ramadan, most of the streets in south Mumbai are filled with the amazing aroma of the chicken and mutton delicacies! The reason it is so Instagram-able is that.... well, you should see for your self!

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Well, if you are in Mumbai during the Ramadan festival, remember to make your way towards Muhammad Ali road to enjoy the amazing delicacies that are present on both sides of the street! The aroma of the tikkas, biryanis, and everything will only make you more and more hungry! Your Instagram might not be the only thing to gain weight this season!

Ganpathi Chaturthi and Visarjan

Ganapathi Chaturthi is one of the most out-there celebrations of Mumbai. During the month of Ganpathi, the Chaturthi and Visarjan are probably the major reason that contributes to the traffic here! Well, for the 10 days of Ganpathi Chaturthi everyone is one big family, every head bows down in front of Bappa, and everyone dances to the songs of the visarjan. The best part of Visarjan is going to friends' houses and pandals and singing along to artis and having neighborly dinners and socializing!

Ganapathi Chaturthi has a lot of moments that are Instagram-able and super aesthetic!

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