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Instagram-able Spots in Mumbai

Perhaps every Indian has heard the clichés- The City of Dreams! A city that never sleeps! And by now, you perhaps know which city I am referring to- it is Mumbai folks!

Each one of us who has lived here, at least at one point, must’ve felt that we are a part of something bigger. We live in a place where people have accomplished dreams that seemed fairly impossible. We have examples of great personalities who started from scratch. And then we look at ourselves and think of our own ambitions. Mumbai casts this unique charm on us. It gives us an urge to fulfill our ambitions. And the drive to do that comes from an emotional bond that we form with this city, which also gives us it’s a playground to achieve whatever we dream.

But all these feelings of love and emotions remain locked inside a small box in our chests (red heart). Our Mumbai also offers us some visual treats besides its splendid heritage. And what better way than to get down on the street and capturing them on a camera! To bring them to you, we connected with Vaibhav Rao who goes with the username: khichta_firta on Instagram! He’s passionate about capturing the beauty of the city behind the lens, with great detail.

What we also love is his style of capturing not just his subjects' beauty, but also imparting a unique mood to his works by tweaking some of the prominent hues in the palette of colors that he captures in his pictures.

“Mumbai has its own aura. It's referred to as the city of dreams where anything is possible. This is something that attracts people from all over India to come here and fulfill their dreams and the city never fails to disappoint anybody, it always stands apart from the rest of the cities. This city accepts everyone as their own.” -said Vaibhav

when asked about his thoughts on Mumbai and its emotional connection.

Without any further ado, I present to you some of our picks for the Best Instagram-able Spots in Mumbai from Vaibhav’s amazing collection:

The BMC Headquarters

BMC Headquarters, CST (Fort)

Focusing on the heritage architecture dating back to the 19th century, these pictures of the BMC HQ show how the city has withheld strongly to its heritage from long ago and reflects examples of the strong experience in governance, which has aged more than a century in history.

Dadar Chowpatty

Chowpatty or a beach, as one may refer it, are one thing that makes Mumbai special in the hearts of many of its locals. While the Girgaum Chowpatty remains a hit for the townies, followed by Juhu, the Dadar Chowpatty remains underrated. What makes it unique is that the Chowpatty sits between the reclamation at Worli and Bandra. One can get a great view of the amazing and humungous modern architectural marvel- The Bandra Worli Sea Link. Besides, the hues are unparalleled. The dark blue sea blends into the sky where the bridge lies in a far horizon and the baked brown sand makes this beach a delight for those who live nearby. Dadar Chowpatty

The Skylines

Bandra (inset) and Dadar Skyline (above)

(Is a city even a city without skylines? The answer is NO!)

Mumbai has unmatched skylines and one can't just see them- they have to be experienced!

Gateway of India

... and to top it off, The Gateway of India!

Mumbai offers a blend of architectural diversity- from ultra-modern skyscrapers and bridges to historical architecture from the British Era. It also offers a great diversity of culture, celebrating various events and festivals.

If you loved this blog, please do visit khichta_firta to see more glimpses of Mumbai!

All the pictures used in this blog are property of @Vaibhav Rao and I am thankful for his expertise and contribution in this blog.

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