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Singletines- a journey

If you cringe at teddy stickers, or hate Cadbury dairy milk silk advertisements, you’re probably single. If you cringe at couples calling each other cute nicknames while you keep abusing your besties, you’re probably single. If you always hear from other people in relationships about their fights and respond saying “I’ll never do what you did bro”, then you’re probably single.

But the stereotypes aside, being single is a state of mind. It is a voluntary choice, a decision which one makes to not conform with the norms of being in a relationship. Unfortunately most people who are single do not take their relationship status so well and often suffer from low self esteem. With my single story in this article, the aim is to make those of us who are single feel just a little bit better and love themselves just a little bit more!

A solo trek experience

For me, trekking was a new sport and this was my first ever trek. Also my trek was not exactly solo, I was accompanied by my friends. However, one thing led to the other and we got split into two groups of two and three each, and ultimately I ended up hiking most of the trek alone. This mainly happened because the group of three were those friends who were fitter and could thus climb up at a much faster pace, while the two of us were relatively slow. However after climbing only a small portion, the partner in my group decided to take a break and asked me to make it ahead alone.

Being my first trek, I made mistakes. The first one was of course that I didn’t carry along enough water with me. What made it worse was the fact that I drank more than half of the water I had before reaching atop. Rationing my water properly hit me much later, and it was too late by then. Another mistake was that I forgot that my journey atop was not a short one. I exhausted myself out initially, when I tried to match pace with my friends who were faster at it than me. What made it worse was I also took leaps while on my way up which led to minor muscle injuries and higher straining. It’s important to not suffer from any injury while trekking, as help is often unavailable. My injuries were minimal at worst, but being a novice didn’t make it easier.

On the solo trek, a very large part of my motivation to make it ahead further, came from within. This was a time when I had to trust myself and believe in making it ahead. After all, endurance is more of a mental trait and requires strong zeal. Walking up alone, especially on empty trails in the silence of the forest can become overwhelming. But if that wasn’t enough, sand and gravel slipping from beneath the shoes, with no one to lend a helping is surely not very conducive. The only support that came sometimes was from rocks, hard and hot under the heat of the scorching sun. But this repeating cycle of deafening silence the forest, occasionally tripping over gravel on slopes and cuts on the palms after taking support of the during the trail filled me with one thing immensely- confidence. And that is all that was needed.

All in all, being single is not easy. But nothing is.

A trek experience taught me a lot about my own mental strengths and brought me much closer to myself than I was. However, being single can also be celebrated by being more relaxed than going on a trek, by indulging in other luxuries and keeping a lot of “me time”. So happy single-tines to all those singles out there! Stay strong!

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