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Travelling Back

How far away from home are you if the change in vegetation make you feel like you are back home ?

The transition between palm trees and mango trees, from coastal vegetation to thorny bushes, observing the change while traveling at a significant speed made me realise that I’m not home bound now, I’m free and I’m far far away from the place i called home, the place is still there i have the same amount of attachment from it but now these costal plains have a small corner in my heart filled with love care and respect they have truly earned it in just a year. I’m neither very excited to go home nor too sad to leave I’m in the middle somewhere, somewhere near the golden mean. For me its just another holiday with a bonus of meeting people who i love but is it really just another holiday what do i feel while traveling ? I’m contemplating on how the tides will change will the time be on my side when i come back. This ambiguity is what thrills me and lights fear in me, at the same time. Humans are hypocritical, they resist change and on the contrary they get bored of things very fast. This hypocritical behaviour is what makes me anxious i think. All my feelings towards these vacation coexist in peace I’m on the golden mean I’m at peace. Home, What is home? Is it just a shelter or just a place to hide when the world becomes too harsh, for me its a emotion a feeling just like when you take a deep breathe after it has just rained and the soil has this beautiful sweet smell that smell to me is relief and rest, home for me is the feeling after that deep breath.

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