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Two Uncommon Festivals to Experience in India

February is filled with amazing events like Losar and Goa carnival, but do you know there is more to this month that you should definitely discover. I will introduce you to two new festivals, though unpopular with the masses, they are very popular among the folks. From Kashmir to Rajasthan, there is a whole variety of surprises to explore.

Alwar festival

Alwar, Rajasthan
The Alwar Festival

The Alwar Festival is one of the most prominent and extraordinary experience a tourist would have in the district of Alwar. It portrays the rural lives and the people's culture coming together as they have relocated from different regions.

Alwar Festival is celebrated in Rajasthan, in a place called Alwar. It is located in the foothills of the Aravali mountains.

Reflecting the diversity of the district of Alwar, the administration has organized the festival to promote tourism. Alwar Festival is crucial for the people living there as this festival is not only a tourist attraction but also ties the faith of believers together.

Alwar festival takes place over 3 days, this festivity includes cultural activities like dance performance, and activities carried out by localites. It allows you to uncover the history and culture of people of Alwar. It even has its own film screening festival called Alwar International Film.

Alwar Festival Itinerary
Things to do in Alwar Festival

Moreover, in Shilpgram one has the opportunity to see antiques like handmade heirlooms, fabrics, and much more to understand the uniqueness of the region. One can also observe a welcoming door for processions.

One can also make their way to see wildlife and nature in Sariska national park. One also has the opportunity to see the so- claimed haunted ruins of Bhangarh.

Rajasthan is filled with history and charm which is visible in its magnificent sculptures and palaces. One who loves culture and history, should definitely give this place a visit, especially during the festival. This formerly princely state has so much to offer ranging from the delicious food to the impeccable architecture of the Mahals. We highly recommend it, this year the festival takes place from the 13th of February, 2021 to 15th of February 2021.

Matho Nagrang Festival

The Leh festival of Oracles
The Matho Nagrang Festival

Matho Nagrang Festival also known as the festival of Oracles, is special for its spiritual atmosphere. It takes place at the foot of the Leh Palace, 26 km away from the southeast of Leh on the banks of the Indus river. in the state of Jammu- Kashmir.

This is the most uncommon festival people have heard of, but the most important festival for the Matho Monastery. It is celebrated on the 15th of the Tibetan Buddhism calendar, in Gregorian calendar falls in February-march.

Matho monastery was built in 1410 BC. The renovation happened in 2005 after which it was renamed as Du-Kham.

The major highlight of this occasion comes when the two oracles visit this place. Over these two days, it is said that god resides in the spirits of these two oracles.

The two days that the festival lasts are very auspicious for the locals as well as people around the world. Before choosing an oracle, they undergo a challenge where willing monks write their names on a slip, which are then collected in a bowl.

What is Matho Nagrang Festival
What is Matho Nagrang Festival

The protector of the monastery then picks two names, and thus the oracle of the year is found. Every three years two monks will be chosen to perform the required tasks.

The monks have to meditate for a complete month which helps them purify their souls. When they are been possessed by God, it is said they claim the power to predict the uncanny abilities and unpredictable fortunes of the individuals.

Indifferently the oracles attempt the most impossible acts which are unbelievable to a human eye.

The unbinding activities are to be seen through this festival, the dance performed by folks wearing colorful silk bordered robes and designed masks depicts their gods and goddess.

Some of the most amazing tricks performed by oracles include dangerous acts like jumping from one building to another, running on ramparts, and primarily cutting themselves while completely blindfolded.

Visiting this place for the first time will not only amaze you but also help you understand things that are beyond the perception of human mind and yet is strong for these believers.

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