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Welcome to The Wilderness Live

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

We know, we haven't updated in a very very long time. Please blame the Indian Education System, it was not entirely our fault.

But now that we have rebooted and have committed ourselves 1000% to not only The Wilderness Live but to many more brands and products that will be launching under Khakhed. If you still don't know who or what Khakhed, you should definitely pay us a visit there.

More than anything we want to assure you here and now that we care and we love our audience. You have been a major part of our college and now that we are entering this field and setting up ourselves for the world, your contribution would mean the world to us. You listening to us all these months has been one of the best things and always bolstered our confidence beyond compare.

We heard from many of our listeners and friends on Apple podcasts, but we were never able to thank them for their unconditional help. So, I do that right now, Thank you so much for all the positive thoughts and compliments we received from you!

We do have our old episodes up and running, incase you would like to listen to them again. We still have some work left, before we can completely re launch without any hitches or stumbles. We ask you to be patient with us and we promise that we would have new themes and episodes locked and loaded from the first week of August!

We love interacting with our audience and as a tribute we are also going to be launching some UGCs on our social media! We want your voices to be heard along with us. To keep up with these updates do follow us on facebook, instagram, twitter or discord. We will be waiting for you!

Sincere Thanks,

Team TWL.


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